to young to care, too old to dream

i really like muse


Rose Leslie by Susan Watts for New York Daily News, April 2014 (x)

a r t i s t a: listen here, more here, wish tom riley a happy birthday because it’s his birthday tomorrow


Karen - Q+A at Louisville Comic Con - 28 March 2014


Karen - Q+A at Louisville Comic Con - 28 March 2014

and you, with your stupid hair and your stupid lips and your stupid words and your stupid everything; you with your ridiculously cute smile and your hands and your stupid gestures and your flowers and the way you make me feel; you with your wit and your inability to pronounce your feelings and your way of staring at me as if i don’t know you’re there; you, and your heart, and the butterflies you cause deep within my stomach: our love is madness | listen here | image credit | for alex


T H E  K I N G S  D A U G H T E R ;

A mix for the daughters of kings; the ones who get looked over in favor of the male heirs. The ones who will always find ways to rule. Whether through a king, or by being a king. They will set their own paths and follow the rules of no man. A mix for your Morgan Le Fey’s and your Cersei Lannisters. 


Muse - Unsustainable (no news, less robots)
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no but the drums part near the end is the best part of the song

fire (“our minds move in a dozen different directions. we can’t be confined to one way of thinking, and that terrifies our leaders. it means we can’t be controlled. and it means that no matter what they do, we will always cause trouble for them.” i feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs. i am not abnegation. i am not dauntless. i am divergent. and i can’t be controlled.) for divergence (listen) (other parts of the divergent fanmix diaries)

i. ruled by secrecy muse ii. wires the neighbourhood iii. shallows daughter iv. everybody wants to rule the world lorde v. we exist arcade fire vi. redemption redlight king vii. cancel on me bombay bicycle club viii. when they come for me linkin park ix. future paramore x. 27 fall out boy (bonus track)

I am terribly clumsy, so there is a plethora of walking into lamp-posts, falling over, dropping things, and ruining sofas.


Are you a killer, Will?