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THE MARAUDER'S MAP: "The magic used in the map’s creation is advanced and impressive; it includes the Homonculous Charm, enabling the possessor of the map to track the movements of every person in the castle, and it was also enchanted to forever repel (as insultingly as possible) the curiosity of their nemesis, Severus Snape."



Hera was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, and the queen of Olympus in Greek mythology. She was born the daughter of Rhea and Cronus, and when the Titanomachy was overthrown, would marry her brother, Zeus. Her children included Ares, Enyo, Eris Hebe, and Hephaestus. Hera was seen as a scornful goddess as her marriage with Zeus was one full of strife, and ironically, despite being the personification of familial harmony, Hera’s personal life was filled with jealousy and discord. However, those she favored were ultimately blessed with goodwill, and her role as the queen of Olympus was one that was ultimately unquestioned as she was the most supreme of women in the Greek pantheon.

Alina Starkov: First words
I snapped, and took some satisfaction from the surprise that came over his broad face.
People, particularly big men carrying big rifles, don’t expect lip from a scrawny thing like me. They always look a bit dazed when they get it.

perhaps it is that this is the third birthday we’re celebrating together and i prefer creativity over routine, or that i am having a really bad hair day, that i didn’t do the traditional hand-written birthday card slash my face post, but wanted to do something more personal instead.

it’s been three years, mate.

these emotional birthday “cards” end up poetic with me anyway, but i can’t help but remember all the times we wrote together, all the times we argued, all the times we were shocked that we weren’t arguing. i remember endless characters that we created and i remember all the ideas we wrote down but couldn’t practice, and i remember useless emotional outbursts and stupid insults and you growing into the person you are today, and two collages with more to come, and denmark! denmark.

i can’t believe it’s been three years. i am surprisingly glad to know for sure that it will be even more. is it necessary for me to say i am glad you were born?

happy birthday, alexandra.

also, i made a mix for you.